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Library of Free Plugins [VST]

The place where you can find a list of free plugins that I recommend. From all kinds of audio processors (such as equalizers, compressors, noise gates, reverbs, delays, and more) to creative, one-of-a-kind tools and extraordinary virtual instruments. Get inspired by my suggestions! Have a nice use! ?

Plugin Free #01 – dexed FM – Plugin Synth

Dexed Fm is a very good sounding FM synthesizer modeled on the YAMAHA DX7 model. It’s worth checking out!

[macOS, Win, Linux – VST, AU, LV2]

Plugin Free #02 – DSK Music – Virtual Instruments

A pack of over 48 free plugins from DSK Music. Synthesizers, virtual instruments, drum machines and samplers.

[Win – VST]

Plugin Free #03 – iZotope – Vinyl

Vinyl by iZotope is a free plug that emulates the sonic characteristics of a black disc and old players.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AAX, DX, MAS]

Plugin Free #04 – fxpansion – DCAM FreeComp

FXpansion FreeComp is a free compressor based on the classic design of a channel from a mixing console.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, RTAS, AAX]

Plugin Free #05 – Tytel – Helm

Helm polyphonic synthesizer by Matt Tytel. A good-sounding and extremely intuitive instrument!

[macOS, Win, Linux – VST, AU, AXX, LV2, standalone]

Plugin Free #06 – Shattered Glass Audio – Code Red Free

Code Red Free plug-in from Shattered Glass Audio is an emulation of the legendary British REDD console from the 60’s! Sounds straight out of Abbey Road Studios.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #07 – Softube – Saturation Knob

One of the best saturators. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use. Check out the free Saturation Knob from Softube!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AXX]

Plugin Free #08 – u-he – Protoverb

Protoverb by U-HE easy to use, great sounding free reverb.

[macOS, Win, Linux – VST, AU, AXX]

Plugin Free #09 – Plogue – MadBrain’s TableWarp2

Plogue Art Et Technologie created TableWarp2 for its 15th anniversary, a synthesizer that is a new take on the classic Jeskola Buzz 2002 plug.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #10 – Flux – BitterSweet

Check out the free and great tool from Flux :: sound and picture development – BitterSweet. Take control of the transients.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AAX, WPAPI]

Plugin Free #11 – Sonimus – SonEQ

SonEQ is one of the best free equalizers, with preamp and saturation sections ala “bass exciter” from Sonimus.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AAX, RTAS]

Plugin Free #12 – Tokyo Dawn Records – Nova

Nova by Tokyo Dawn Records is one of our favorites among free equalizers. Unique!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AAX]

Plugin Free #13 – Variety Of Sound – NastyDLA mkII

NastyDLA mkII from Variety Of Sound, an inspiring and good-sounding tape delay with chorus and saturation sections.

[Win – VST]

Plugin Free #14 – LVC-Audio – Limited-Z

Are you looking for an effective and free limiter? Be sure to check out Limited-Z by LVC-Audio.

[macOS, Win – AU, VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX]

Plugin Free #15 – TAL – Elek7ro

TAL-Elek7ro synthesizer that no producer will be ashamed of.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #16 – Obxd Synthesizer

Obxd Synthesizer which is an emulation of an analog Oberheim OB-X synthesizer is a must have for every fan of creative synthesis!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #17 – TAL – NoiseMaker

Simple to use, yet extremely inspiring synthesizer with two oscillators.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #18 – HoRNet Harmonics

An extremely effective and extremely simple tool that allows you to introduce additional harmonics to the signal.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #19 – Ignite Amps PTEQ-X

One of the best emulations of the iconic Pultec equalizer.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #20 – AudioThing FilterJam

An extremely simple and effective tool.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AAX]

Plugin Free #21 – HY-Phaser

Good sounding, free and easy to use. What more could you want? You must check it out!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #22 – Audioblast InstaLooper

Audioblast InstaLooper is not only a looper but an extremely creative tool with a built-in effects section.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #23 – Tritik Krush

How to crush the sound and keep the sound warm at the same time? All you need is a great-sounding plug-in, such as the free Tritik Krush that emulates analog resonance filters. A must have for lovers of lo-fi sound!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #24 – Inear Display Regressif

Is there a plug-in that is exclusively dedicated to creatively degrading sound? Yes, it is Inear Display Regressif, equipped with a set of tools that can turn the most innocent of sound into a wall of digital noise. A must have for sound desingers and more!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #25 – Voxengo Tempo Delay

Multifunctional delay with filter and tremolo sections with separate controls for each channel. A must have for anyone looking for something more than a standard delay!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AAX]

Plugin Free #26 – Phazor

Who is looking for a Creative Effects Processor? Phazor by Adam Szabo emulates the phaser effect used in Access Virus synthesizers.

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #27 – OSL Chorus

Are you looking for something that will revive the dry sound of a synthesizer or guitar? Check out the free OSL Chorus modeled on the legendary Roland Juno 60 chorus. Must have!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #28 – Black Rooster Audio Cypress TT-15

Interesting-sounding emulation of a 15-watt head modeled on the Orange Tiny Terror. A must have for guitarists and more!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AAX]

Plugin Free #29 – Abletunes Knobs

Simple solutions are often the best! This was the idea behind the Abletunes Knobs plug. Three knobs: ATTACK, DRIVE, SPACE. Effects – very satisfying!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU]

Plugin Free #30 – Eventide Pendulate

Dirty in sound and inspiring synthesizer from Eventide. As long as it’s free, it’s worth taking it blindly!

[macOS, Win – VST, AU, AAX]

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