Tricks in music production | A practical online video course

Tricks in music production

A practical online video course, which will let you discover the secrets of modern music technology and fully utilize the potential of audio software!

Thanks to the knowledge in the course, You will

Explore the secrets of modern music technology

Find out how to achieve professional sound

Get to know the most important elements of sound creation process

Learn how to use the tools in Digital Audio Workstations

Understand how to effectively work on your own audio material

For whom is this course?

Musicians and instrumentalists

who want to learn and use the Digital Audio Workstations.


who want to record their ideas using the latest technology.

Music producers

who want to gain an insight into the secrets of professional production process.

Audio engineers

who want to learn the secrets of professional sound.

What does the course include?

The "Tricks in music production" is divided into 5 thematic modules. Each of them covers carefully selected topics, that are the essence of music production knowledge, and mixing and mastering processes. Topping this of are issues on the widely understood music technology, Digital Audio Workstations and the most popular audio tools. The course contains 47 tricks, accumulating in over 7 hours of practical knowledge in a video format. Moreover, in the additional materials section, which you can access by logging onto an online platform, you'll find audio examples and session files, which were used and created for the course, along with a PDF notebook.

Signing up for the course, you'll receive a 50% educational discount for PSPaudioware software, OST Audio Premium Trap & RnB sound bank worth 24.00 $ and a 267 drum sample pack for music production worth 10 EUR.

0 - Introduction to the course

1 - How to speed up the start of your work?
2 - How to make your own presets?
3 - How to clean up your disc space?
4 - How to quickly access samples?
5 - How to quickly access your favourite settings?
6 - How to lower the DAW's latency?
7 - How to optimize your computer for music production?
8 - How to fully utilize your computer's processing power?
9 - How to learn your DAW?
10 - How to organize your DAW projects and files?

11 - How to refine the sound of individual tracks?
12 - How to widen the track's sound?
13 - How to tweak a kick drum for club sound systems?
14 - How to fatten your snare ?
15 - How to make your drums sound more dirty?
16 - How to make the bass sound wider?
17 - How to get a lo-fi sound?
18 - How to side-chain a signal?
19 - How to tune the drum tracks?
20 - How to tune the vocal track?

21 - How to prepare a session for mixing?
22 - How to create groups and stems?
23 - How to work with gauges and meters?
24 - How to work with a spectrum analyzer?
25 - How to emphasize the kick drum in the mix?
26 - How to emphasize the bass in the mix?
27 - How to glue drums with bass?
28 - How to conciously work with a compressor?
29 - How to use the compression on vocals?
30 - How to apply parallel compresion to drums?
31 - How to work with a multiband compressor?
32 - How to knowingly work with an equalizer?
33 - How to apply equalization to vocals?
34 - How to control vocal sybilants?
35 - How to add air to a piano track?
36 - How to add air to a vocal track?
37 - How to use automation?
38 - How to use compression on the sum of the mix?
39 - How to use an equalizer on the sum of the mix?
40 - How not to overload the sum of the mix?
41 - How to process the sum of the mix?
42 - How to widen your mix?

43 - How to make your recording louder?
44 - How to work with a limiter?
45 - How to work in Mid-Side mode?

46 - How to care for your hearing and sight?
47 - How to make better purchase decisions?

Sound examples [WAV]
Notebook [PDF]

→ OST Audio Premium Trap & RnB sound bank worth 24.00 $
→ 50% educational discount for PSPaudioware software
→ 267 drum sample pack for music production worth 10 EUR.


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About me

Piotr Kardas


I'm a homerecording buff and an instrumentalist. I had a mobile recording studio and owned a music store. As an engineer or a co-producer I took part in tens of recording sessions. Currently I make my own music and also do commissioned work for incidental music and mixing. Also, on regular basis I conduct music production and audio engineering workshops, in cooperation with various pro-audio firms. I am a guest of media and write articles for specialized press on the topic of homerecording. I have an international Logic Pro certificate from Apple. In the years 2017-2018 I was lecturing at the Contemporary Music Academy in Wroclaw. I'm a member of the Authors and Copyright Publishers Poland.

As soon as I discovered passion for writing, I decided to share my practical knowledge and experience in the field of music production and audio engineering. The effect is my first book "Homerecording For All", published in autumn 2015. In mid 2016, my second book "Homerecording Level up" was published, and at the end of 2019 - the third - "Homerecording Keywords".

In mid 2020 and at the beginning of 2021, I released my online video courses: "Music production tricks", "Mixing in practice" and "Logic Pro X in practice", which allow to gain an insight into modern music technology and discover how to achieve professional sound.